Why Booking Directly is Better at Hotel Penn

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Our Best Price Guarantee gives you the best value!

We understand that you want the best value when you’re booking your travel plans. Our mission is to give you that value.

The biggest reason that you should book directly with us is that you will get the best price GUARANTEED. If you find a better price somewhere else after you book with us, we’ll match that price on your reservation.

We include more than the competition.

Like almost every other hotel in Midtown, we do charge a Facility Fee during your stay with us. These costs are often separated from the cost of rooms and exist, in part, to help hotels provide extra amenities to our guests.

While everybody has them, we make an effort to provide our guests with THE BEST value. Here is a quick look at our facility fee against some of the other Midtown hotels that promise a great value.

nyc facility fee comparison

We include 2 breakfast included options. The first is a continental breakfast at City Perk. The second is an upgrade to a large buffet at Cafe R ($7 surcharge). Guests gave us feedback that they would like some options for breakfast and we believe in trying to give our guests what they want at a low price.

Our restaurant discounts include 2 welcome drink coupons at Stout NYC – Grand Central.

Our 3 FREE PERKS when you book directly provide you with a myriad of options to make the most out of your stay. It was important to us that you get to choose your perks so that they fit your vacation plans. After all, we’re proud to welcome all types of guests from all over the world. We couldn’t possibly know what everybody would desire.