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When it comes to New York City hotels near Madison Square Garden, we offer the most competitive rates and packages around. 

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Book direct and get up to 12% off your stay! This uncontested discount also comes with continental breakfast!

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Stay 3 Nights or Longer

Sometimes, two nights just isn’t enough. Now, you can take a long weekend getaway with our Stay 3 Nights special. Book three or more nights at Hotel Pennsylvania to earn 15% off of your stay.

Promo code: PROLOS3

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Stay 5 Nights or Longer

At Hotel Pennsylvania, the longer you stay, the more you’ll save. With this special offer, when you stay any five nights or longer, you’ll receive 20% off, plus some much needed extra time to explore the city!

Promo code: PROLOS5

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Madison Square Garden Promotion

Hotel Pennsylvania is located directly across from Madison Square Garden. Attending an event at Madison Square Garden? Stay at Hotel Pennsylvania for an unbeatable location and amazing discounts!

- 10% off all Classic rooms
- 20% off all newly renovated Penn Plaza Collection rooms

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