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When your hotel is close to everything, planning is easy.

You’ll love staying here. New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania is quite literally at the center of the action. We’re your home base to discover all there is to see in the world’s most fantastic city. Most everything you want to see in Midtown is just a short walk away: Times Square, Broadway, Madison Square Garden, The Empire State Building, and much more are just a few minutes away. There are endless opportunities and a multitude of things to do in Midtown NYC when you stay at our hotel.

How close are we really? Well, if a picture says a thousand words, what does a map say. Keep scrolling and you’ll see a list of attractions that you could walk to in 15 minutes or less from Hotel Penn.

Whether or not you choose to grab a bagel or slice of pizza on your way is totally up to you. Guests often cite our location as the primary reason that they chose to stay with us and we can’t argue with their logic.

Empire State Building

6 minute walk from Hotel Penn

empire state building

Madison Square Garden

2 minute walk from Hotel Penn

madison square garden

Macy’s Herald Square

3 minute walk from Hotel Penn

macy's herald square

Visit all of the attractions in Manhattan!

Yes. You can walk to just about everything in Manhattan. If you don’t mind a little walk, you can walk to One World Trade and the memorial in under an hour. On the way, you could grab some authentic Italian in Little Italy.

If you wanted to walk north, we’re a mere 30 minute stroll to Central Park. On the way, you could visit Town Hall, Rockefeller Center and Carnegie Hall. There are endless possibilities on where you can go. No matter what you want to see in New York City, you won’t find a better location to explore from than with us.

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