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Cheap Travel to New York: The Big City on a Budget

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Planning a weekend in New York City doesn’t need to be expensive. With a large portion of the expense being just getting there, you’re spending money before you even really get to experience all the Big Apple has to offer. By booking cheap travel to New York, you can instead get the most bang for your bucks by smart travel planning and finding budget-friendly lodging.

Cheap Travel: Trains, Airplanes, and Automobiles

Regardless of how you choose to travel, inexpensive travel doesn’t have to leave you stuck on an overcrowded, overheated bus or sleeping in roadside motels. Instead, travel smarter by booking your travel plans well in advance. Not only does it give you more time to shop around, it also allows you to compare all of your options.

Speaking of options, you have plenty: depending on where you’re traveling from, New York City has an extensive list of transportation systems. The train system, for instance, can travel long distances just like plans, but are often more comfortable, cheaper, and allow for more luggage so you don’t have to sacrifice wardrobe for more money. Depending on the railway, you may even have the luxury to have included meals, or other perks that you may otherwise miss.

If train just isn’t your style, consider the most common method: flying. Although booking in advance can save you some cash, it’s still an expensive option. Be sure to check sites like Groupon or Expedia for deals on flights, luggage, or even bundles with hotels. When possible, combining airfare with other accommodations can result in major savings.

Finally, there is always the traditional road trip. Depending on gas prices and distance, driving can have some built-in benefits such as having your own vehicle handy instead of opting for taxis or rentals once you arrive. Renting a car for the trip can also be beneficial, especially if you can opt for an eco-friendly auto with high gas mileage to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

However you decide to get there, New York City is bursting with opportunities — even opportunities to save money. By saving money on travel, you can spend more where it matters — on souvenirs!