Things to Do: Summer in NYC

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Here’s a guide to summer in New York!

It’s the most common question that anyone has when they are thinking about planning a vacation. “What should I do while I’m there?” Well, lucky for you, we’ve got some ideas as to what you should do if you’re planning on coming to New York for a summer vacation!

Go to a concert!

summerstage 2018

This one seems fairly obvious but what’s more fun than jamming outside to your favorite acts? Not a whole lot. We won’t get into a bunch in this article but if you’re looking for THE BEST music festivals and concert series in NYC, we wrote an article about summer music in New York.

Watch a movie on the roof.

rooftop cinema club

The Rooftop Cinema Club sets up movies around the city in some of the coolest locations. June’s lineup includes everything from Mean Girls to Black Panther to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It’s certainly a different way to take in the city and enjoy a little down time.

Do an outside workout.

yoga in the park

If you like staying active when you’re traveling, we recommend taking advantage of the outdoor workout classes that you can find at Bryant Park and Central Park. Many of them are actually free and you can do everything from yoga to cardio classes.

Watch some baseball.

Yankees Game

Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, seeing one of our teams play is a unique experience. If you’re a die-hard fan, it’s hard not to take the opportunity to see America’s most successful franchise play. (Yankees!) If you’re less of a baseball fan but love food, Shea Stadium (Mets) is known for its wacky concession choices. Either way, you’re sure to love the experience.

Picnic and boating in Central Park

central park couple

We’ve long been fans of the picnic and boating session at Central Park. It’s something completely unique to New York and a perfect day-date idea for any traveling couple. There aren’t many places where you’ll get a city background so gorgeous while enjoying a bit of nature. If you get hot, just dunk your head in the water. 😉

There are so many activities that we could add. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge or exploring the street art of the boroughs are also great. We’ve heard rave reviews about taking food tours. We figured that we’d give you our Top 5 though. Whatever you you decide to do in this city, we’re eager to see you sometime soon!

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