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AAA Member Discounts, The Best of the Best in NYC

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AAA member discounts you can’t ignore…

Members of the American Automotive Association—better known as AAA – know that a membership can mean the difference between being stuck on the road or receiving friendly roadside assistance. However, if you have a fairly reliable car, what are the AAA member discounts truly worth?

One word: discounts. Who wouldn’t like to travel for cheap?

AAA Discounts on Travel

For starters, your membership grants you access to the AAA Travel Store. Depending on the tier of your membership, you could receive up to 20% discounts across the board, and up to two free passport photos per year. Also included, based on membership tier, is a percentage of travel insurance, so you can be sure to keep your mind on vacation and not on your valuables.

AAA Hotel Discounts

Whether you’re planning a week-long cross-country getaway or just a day trip to a different city, your AAA membership can make the cost of a hotel room dramatically cheaper. With partnerships with over three dozen hotel chains offering discounts on nightly stays, accelerated point loyalty point earnings, and other perks, it’s hard to say no. Chains like Hilton offer up to 10% discounts on nightly rates, and individual hotels like Hotel Pennsylvania offers a 20% discount.

AAA Car Rental Discounts

While you’re on vacation, you may need to rent a car. With AAA, partnerships with several national car rental chains makes it even easier to get a set of wheels. Hertz alone grants members 20% off rentals, with discounted rates for GPS units and no premium for drivers under age 25. Similarly, Dollar Rent A Car users will save 10% off the rental price, with 10% savings on any navigation units.

Other Valuable Savings

AAA discounts on travel don’t stop there – dining discounts can be had through or instant discounts are available at some chain restaurants, such as Dave & Buster’s or Papa John’s. In case you were worried about leaving Fido behind, don’t – there is even a discount for pet travel products.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, AAA is with you. Let them make your stay in New York a bit easier by booking with us online.

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