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6 Scary New York Haunted Hotels to Make Your Stay a Nightmare

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The spookiest haunted hotels New York has to offer

In a city like New York, there are endless options for hotels to stay in. For adventurous travelers, staying at a haunted hotel can bring a fun spin to luxurious comfort that is sure to keep them on edge. Whether seeking adventure or just something different, these six haunted New York hotels are sure to make it like Halloween year-round.

The Algonquin Hotel

Built in 1902 and renovated as recently as 2004, The Algonquin Hotel boasts 174 rooms and no shortage of paranormal activity. The hotel is most famous for the roundtable writers meetings known as the “Vicious Circle,” including well-known playwright Dorothy Parker. While strange noises and unexplained sightings were common prior to renovations, the structural changes seem to have upset the otherwordly residents of the Hotel.

The Bowery Hotel

Despite the Bowery Hotel’s being a hotspot for swanky parties and upscale events, its also well known as being a hotspot for paranormal activity. Each of the 135 rooms boasts a sense of nostalgia a la velvet upholstery – that is, if guests can brave the poltergeist-ridden elevators to reach said rooms. Every night at 1 a.m., especially, the elevators are said to go up and down without any explanation.

The Hotel Chelsea

As any purveyor of paranormal activity will tell you, no haunted hotel list is complete without the Hotel Chelsea. Although there have been a myriad of instances that could have led to hauntings within the hotel, the most notable is that of Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy: Sid murdered Nancy at the hotel, and later died there himself of a heroin overdose.

The Bermuda Inn

While this historic mansion currently serves more actively as an event space, it would be wrong to not include it on our list of notable haunted hotels. Built in 1832 by the Meserau family, it is widely accepted that Martha Meserau still calls the mansion home. Her silhouette is seen frequently, although paintings have only mysteriously caught on fire once.

Hotel Pennsylvania

Last but not least is newcomer Hotel Pennsylvania. Built in 1919 and currently the fourth largest hotel in New York City, Hotel Pennsylvania seems relatively normal on the surface, beyond boasting original décor and the oldest phone number in the City’s history. However, guests have reported mysterious shadow figures hovering over their bedside and unexplained noises following them throughout the halls.

Whether you are a scholar of spooky or just looking for a new adventure, staying at a haunted hotel in New York turns an average stay into an extraordinary experience.

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