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New York Hostel Versus Hotel: What is Right for You?

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The first question of any vacation is, “Where to stay?”

When it comes to traveling, where to stay can make or break your experience. With a variety of options from hostels to hotels –and everything in between – it can be hard to choose. New York is the city that never sleeps, but when you need to lay your head down we’re here to help determine if a New York hostel or hotel is right for your next visit!

*Comparing Comfort*

The first step in determining which is right for you is outlining the differences between a hotel and hostel: the cost, amenities, staff, and guests.

Consideration Hotel Hostel
Cost Typically more expensive Cheaper than average hotel Typically more expensive Cheaper than the average hotel
Amenities More luxurious, creature comforts Dormitory-style, limited privacy and amenities
Staff Knowledgeable about traveling, hospitality More social, one-on-one interactions
Guests Range from upscale to singular travelers Typically backpackers or college-age groups

While both options present a place to stay that can be ideal, it amounts to what you expect from your temporary home. Guests who value things like not bringing their own towels or wake-up service may benefit more from a hotel whereas guests who enjoy the dormitory-style may choose a hostel.

*The Bottom Line*

When it comes to booking your accommodations, it all comes down to what you want to get out of your stay. Hostels in New York, while able to give you the authentic experience by rooming with other travelers, may be more hostile than hostel. Instead, check out the amenities we offer in our Classic Rooms for a more comfort-oriented, family-friendly stay.

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