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Bring Your Dog to NYC and Hotel Pennsylvania

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No man’s best friend left behind.

Can you call it a family vacation unless every member of the family is invited? At Hotel Pennsylvania, no man’s best friend – dog or cat – need be left behind. Use this step-by-step guide to prepare to bring your dog to NYC.

Big Dogs or Small, We Love ‘Em All

Regardless of size, we understand that the presence of fur doesn’t negate family. All dogs, without breed restriction, are welcome. At $25 per night, you can bring your dog along without worrying about their weight breaking the bank.

Before you book your stay, here are some essentials you’ll need for traveling with your furry friend:

Collar, Tags, and Leash: Because we’re pet-friendly, the friendliest and safest place for your pet to be is in a collar that hosts their tags. In public spaces, especially in New York, your pet should be on a leash. After all, you never know what city site may catch your pooch’s eye.

Vaccination Records: Whether driving or flying, a good thing to keep on-hand when traveling with your furry family member is their vaccination records. Not only does it verify any questions your hotel or flight may have, but it can be handy in case of any emergencies.

Food & Water: While you may be planning a big night out, your pet may be left behind in the room. Unless you have trained them to order room service, you’ll want to be sure to bring some bowls and kibble along with you.

The Essentials: Every pet is different, so be attentive to their needs! Medications, favorite toys, kennels, blankets, or any other special item that makes your dog especially happy at home should make a welcome appearance on the trip to ensure they’re kept happy, safe, and healthy.

Finding big dog-friendly hotels in New York can be a challenge, but at Hotel Pennsylvania we’re not putting any restrictions on love. Your dog (or cat!) regardless of size or breed, as long as they are well-behaved, is welcome to join you on your next NYC adventure.

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