Penn Station Trivia: 20 Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Photo of downtown Manhattan

Pennsylvania Station, or Penn Station, is a travel mecca that sees hundreds of thousands of people pass through its doors each day. This hub is key to getting to some of New York’s best-known landmarks fro...
12 Dec 2018


The 10 Best New York Attractions within Walking Distance of Penn Station

walking distance from Penn Station

New York City is one of the most walkable cities in the world. According to Walkable, the city as a whole has a Walk Score of 85 out of 100. Particularly, neighborhoods in Manhattan like Greenwich Village, S...
25 Nov 2018


Cheap Travel to New York: The Big City on a Budget

Cheap travel to New York. Photo of backpack traveler in New York.

Planning a weekend in New York City doesn’t need to be expensive. With a large portion of the expense being just getting there, you’re spending money before you even really get to experience all the Big App...
11 Sep 2018


Bring Your Dog to NYC and Hotel Pennsylvania

dog in hotel bed

No man’s best friend left behind. Can you call it a family vacation unless every member of the family is invited? At Hotel Pennsylvania, no man’s best friend – dog or cat – need be left behind. Use thi...
07 Aug 2018


AAA Member Discounts, The Best of the Best in NYC

road trip aaa

AAA member discounts you can’t ignore... Members of the American Automotive Association—better known as AAA – know that a membership can mean the difference between being stuck on the road or receiving f...
06 Aug 2018


6 Scary New York Haunted Hotels to Make Your Stay a Nightmare

haunted shadows

The spookiest haunted hotels New York has to offer In a city like New York, there are endless options for hotels to stay in. For adventurous travelers, staying at a haunted hotel can bring a fun spin to luxuri...
05 Aug 2018


New York Hostel Versus Hotel: What is Right for You?

hostel traveler

The first question of any vacation is, "Where to stay?" When it comes to traveling, where to stay can make or break your experience. With a variety of options from hostels to hotels –and everything in betwee...
04 Aug 2018


Things to Do: Summer in NYC

Here's a guide to summer in New York! It's the most common question that anyone has when they are thinking about planning a vacation. "What should I do while I'm there?" Well, lucky for you, we've got some ide...
30 May 2018


Must See Summer Music Events in NYC

summerstage 2018

Music is heating up NYC this summer! Every year, New York is full of amazing concerts and music festivals. At Hotel Pennsylvania, we're thrilled to see all sort of music enthusiasts come through our doors. Fro...
30 May 2018


April in New York (2018)

nyc pillow fight day

April in New York. It's time to get outside! Winter in New York isn't for everybody. Spring, on the other hand, is one of the best times to visit NYC. This year, New York is starting off strong with a bunch of...
19 Mar 2018