Hotel Pennsylvania's History

Almost 100 years of history and a promising future.


Serving New York Travelers since 1919

Just steps away from The Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden lies a NYC landmark, Hotel Pennsylvania. Having retained quintessential nostalgic features from its grand opening in 1919, the historic Hotel Pennsylvania preserved a rich history that allows guests to take a trip down memory lane while experiencing all the modern day conveniences. Built by the Pennsylvania Railroad and operated by Ellsworth Statler nearly a century ago, Hotel Pennsylvania is a historic NYC hotel that combines unique historic character and modern day luxury.

With subtle historic touches such as original valet doors once used to provide guests with drop off laundry service have been retained to add to the unique character of our landmark hotel. While these doors no longer serve their original purpose, they offer an inside look at the grand splendor and premier features that had made Hotel Pennsylvania a top choice among boutique hotels near Madison Square Garden.

But even before you arrive on site at our Midtown property, you’ll be brought back in time when you call to make a reservation. Hotel Pennsylvania has the New York phone number in longest continuous use. The number, Pennsylvania 6-5000 is known as the inspiration for the Jerry Gray composition by the same name.

Exterior Facade

historic image of hotel penn

Hotel Entrance

hotel pennsylvania or NYCs statler hotel entrance

Hotel Lobby

hotel pennsylvania lobby view early 1900s

Hotel Ballroom

hotel pennsylvania ballroom

Architecture Drawings

hotel penn architecture

Historic Articles

From the New York Times to architecture journals and forums, Hotel Pennsylvania has been featured in media since 1919. If you want to read some of the first articles about Hotel Pennsylvania, here are a few of our favorites from 1919-1922 in PDF format.

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