Best Rate Guarantee

Book direct and get the best price on your hotel room.


Enjoy our best price guarantee at Hotel Pennsylvania

When you book online at or by phoning our reservations, you’re guaranteed to receive the best available price for your stay. Remember, when you book direct, you get all of the perks of a stay at Hotel Pennsylvania. What’s more, we don’t hide your taxes and fees when you book directly. Many external websites purposely hide these fees in order to seem cheaper than they really are.

If you’re curious what amenities are included with the $35 + tax Facility Fee, please check out our official breakdown here.

However, should you find a lower price for the same accommodation type at Hotel Pennsylvania on another website within minutes of making a reservation with us, Hotel Pennsylvania will honor the lower price and adjust your reservation accordingly.

To learn more about this policy, contact us today.

"This hotel is friendly, clean and staff were always polite and helpful..."

Katrina P - TripAdvisor (Dec 2018)