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A Guide to the Galleries

Oct 17th 2014

New York City’s art collection offers something for everyone. World-class galleries display well-known, famous works while small galleries are full of budding artists’ creativity. Whether you’re an art buff or new to the scene, you’re likely to find something that “speaks” to your taste. 

World-Class Museums:

Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) – As one of New York’s most famous museums, the MoMa immerses visitors in extensive collections of both modern and contemporary art with hopes of fuelling conversation. The Museum showcases established and experimental works from present and past. 

New Museum – Founded in 1977, the Museum devotes itself to contemporary art established in New York City. It aims to foster dialogues between artists and their public. The museum also holds “First Saturdays for Families,” a hands-on activities program introducing children and young adults to contemporary art. 

Guggenheim Museum – The building’s iconic, spiral architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright contains both modern and contemporary art. Lectures by artists and critics, film screenings and performances are also held at this museum. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Commonly known as simply “The Met,” the museum of art dates back to 1866 in Paris France when a group of Americans wanted to bring art and art education to the American people. This museum has one of the best collections in the world from classic American paintings to intricate Islamic art. 

Brooklyn Museum – This museum holds extensive and comprehensive permanent collections, including Egyptian works, African art, European paintings, period rooms, and contemporary art. 

Art-filled neighborhoods:

New York City is full of smaller art galleries. Take a stroll through an artsy neighborhood and see what you can find. Here are some areas to consider:

- Chelsea was once a mixed, low-income neighborhood on the West Side but has since become a focal point for artists and galleries. It has gradually become a high-end, coveted neighborhood full of upscale, expensive galleries.

- Williamsburg is known as a haven for starving artists and hipsters. The neighborhood has redefined itself for its arts.

- Bushwick is Brooklyn’s latest up-and-coming, artsy neighborhood. It’s in the midst of reinventing itself with the young, creative types.

Whether you find yourself in art galleries, museums, shops or simply on the street, art touches all of New York City.