401 Seventh Ave. (At 33rd St.)
New York, NY 10001


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Eat and Drink On Us

Aug 15th 2014

Take a Peruvian bite out of the Big Apple! New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania is pairing up with Raymi Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar to serve up an exclusive package.

Our Eat and Drink On Us Package features a complimentary cocktail and appetizer for guests at Raymi Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar, located just a short walk from the hotel. Featuring

Dance, Dance, Dance

Aug 12th 2014

Dance the night away in the city that never sleeps!

New York City is home to some of the best dance troupes, companies, and clubs in the country so whether you appreciate it as a spectator or participant there is no better place to enjoy dancing. It’s the birthplace of several forms and variations of dance including breaking which originated


Aug 08th 2014

They say laughter is the best medicine so get a big dose while visiting the Big Apple! New York city has produced and nurtured some of the most widely recognized comedians in the world, and it’s given them some of their best material! So what better place could there possibly be to experience comedic performances live in person? The answer is none!<

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