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NYC Food Trucks

Jun 19th 2014

From tacos and waffles to lobster rolls and doughnut holes, NYC’s street food has gone from 0 to 60 in no time flat and is showing no signs of slowing down!

The food truck craze has taken off all over the country but more so in the Big Apple where space is a hot commodity. With a lack of real estate and high rent prices, restaurateurs have found an alternative way to provide delicious dishes with the flexibility to move about the city.

The food truck phenomenon has been hugely popular in the city in part because of the easy grab-and-go style that allows New Yorkers and visitors alike to eat quality food on the run. The classic ice-cream truck had the right idea, being able to go to the crowds rather than making them come to you, and others have caught on.

Restaurateurs aren’t the only ones taking up residence in moving vehicles; fashion stores and more are jumping on the bandwagon. Who knows what will be next?

Here are some of our favorite meals on wheels eateries on the streets of New York City!

The Cinnamon Snail

All hail the Cinnamon Snail! Serving up some of the best sweet treats in the city, The Cinnamon Snail’s mouth-watering goodies are something to write home about! The signature cinnamon bun is a must have treat, but just as delicious are the organic vegan doughnuts that come in a variety of flavors. And we’re not the only ones who love the Cinnamon Snail; with numerous accolades under their ‘tires’ they even nabbed the #1 spot on Yelp for places to eat in NYC and the #4 spot in the USA!

Souvlaki GR -

Find a little slice of the Mykonos in the Big Apple with this Vendy Award-winning (the Oscars for food vendors) food truck. This Greek food truck became such a local favorite that it opened a brick and mortar location on the Lower East Side. Even with the opening of the permanent location, the truck is still favored by many devote Souvlaki enthusiasts who follow the truck around town!

Shorty’s on Wheels -

Serving up some of the city’s most authentic cheesesteaks, Shorty’s has been a staple in the city for years with three Manhattan locations. A few years back Shorty’s decided it needed to bring their eats to the streets and joined in on the food truck trend, and they haven’t looked in the rearview since! Visitors can track the truck on their website or Twitter account to grab some grub on the go! Their classic cheesesteak sandwich is made with American cheese whiz or provolone, which is very ‘Philly’.

Morris Truck -

Say cheesy! This food truck is one of the best eateries in the city for grilled cheese. From the classics to gourmet, the menu often changes with the seasons and includes many local ingredients. Their extensive variety of cheese is some of the country’s best and all purveyors are listed on the companies website.

Mudtruck –

Keep on truckin’ with a jolt of caffeine from the ‘anti-establishment” coffee truck that has become a staple in the city. It’s been voted the best cup of coffee by Time Out Magazine, and has been featured on both Rachel Ray and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Calexico  -

This food truck has West Coast roots with its California-style Mexican cuisine. Before food trucks were roaming the streets of New York, three brothers from the West Coast who were craving their hometown cuisine, started a taco food cart and within their second year of business they were winning awards, making headline and even appearing on TV shows. Now there is a fleet of Calexico trucks and even a few restaurants in the city offering some of the city’s best tacos and burritos.

One cool thing about the food truck craze is you never know where they might be which often means you have to seek them out on social media or on their websites.

One website that is helping food truck seekers find their next meal is The site will help show you options and direct you to the current locations. So, what are you waiting for? Start tracking!