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Night Court in NYC

Jul 25th 2014

Love courtroom dramas? Is your hidden guilty pleasure watching Judge Judy? Now you can experience it in real life without having to take the stand. Where you might ask? Night court!

What is often a place one doesn’t want to be forced to visit is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction for those wishing to witness the ins and outs of a courtroom without actually having to be summoned.

Just don’t yell ‘I object’! While you may have always wanted to say it in a real courtroom, this isn’t the time nor the place. Spectators must remain silent for proceedings or you will be asked to leave.

It’s definitely not your typical tourist attraction but its certain to be a memorable experience! It’s gritty and its all-round entertaining to listen to real cases and see the ruling.

Manhattan Criminal Court or night court was established in 1907 and has been attracting noteworthy spectators ever since. It’s also housed trials for high profile individuals such as P.Diddy and more.

Night court runs seven days a week until 1am. Spectators are welcome to leave at any time but it is best to leave in-between cases as to not disrupt the judicial proceedings. Even though you are not part of the proceedings if you are disrespectful you can still be held in contempt of court, which can result in a fine or even jail time.

The Manhattan Criminal Court has two locations, one at 100 Centre Street and another at 346 Broadway. For more information visit,

This is truly a unique New York experience and lets not forget, it’s free!