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Under the City

Jul 10th 2014

Under the streets of New York City, resides a whole other layer of hidden attractions. NYC is an extremely vertical city with a lack of space for development, but vertical doesn’t only include above ground, there is just as much going on below.

The New York Public Library may be one of the most popular sites in the city, but many people are unaware of what lies beneath. Below the surface of Bryant Park is a 2-story vault consisting of 40 miles of shelf space that is connected to the main building by a tunnel containing rare books, manuscripts and more.

Several of the cities eldest and most notable buildings such as churches are famous for underground tunnels and rooms. St. Patrick’s Cathedral has crypts below the main floors, and there is a vast chamber the size of the Sistine Chapel under Central Park. The ‘undercity’ is a huge network of tunnels, sewer systems, and storm drains but there are also stores, restaurants, spas, salons, and more.

While there are numerous things to do just below the streets, the term 'underground' has a dual meaning in New York. It can also mean under the radar, hush hush places, and events. There are secret dining clubs, restaurants, clubs, bars, concerts, events, speakeasies and so much more.

For most of these you have to be ‘in the know’ or know somebody else who is, so start asking around when you are visiting!

Then when the rain does come, (because you know it does happen from time to time) don’t be afraid to go beneath the surface and take a bite out of the city’s core!