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Stroll The High Line

May 13th 2014

Hovering above the city is one of New Yorkers’ newest favorite spots: the High Line. The aptly named hot spot is an aerial greenway. It essentially functions as a green roof and predominantly features plants that are native to New York. The High Line was built along an abandoned section of elevated track from the former New York Central Railroad.

Originally built in the 1930s, the railway tracks served as a way of separating trains from the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets for safety and efficiency. Those trains stopped running in 1980 however, and the historic structure faced demolition until the community-based not-for-profit group was formed in pursuit of preservation.

The park is located on Manhattan’s West Side between Gransevoort Street and West 34th Street, which make up 1.45 miles of the elevated oasis. While taking a stroll through the park, visitors will also be able to sample delicious treats and meals from vendors and outdoor cafes.

This unique public park has quickly become a popular attraction for New Yorkers and tourists alike. Open for visitors daily between 7am and 10pm; don’t forget to add this to your itinerary while visiting New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania. It’s only a 15-minute walk from us!

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