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The City’s Best Walks

May 20th 2014

Take the ‘heel to toe’ express around the city and experience all that New York has to offer!

Walking around the city is truly the best way see such an incredible place and it’s also the perfect way to burn off all those extra cheesecake calories. Furthermore, strutting around the city is also the cheapest mode of transportation.

One of the city’s greatest features is its walkability. Manhattan’s streets form a grid making it very easy to navigate by foot; just make sure to be aware of the people around you and your surroundings. New Yorkers are known for their quick pace and stopping in the middle of the sidewalk is often viewed as poor city etiquette.

Here are some of the best places to go for a walk in the city:

Brooklyn Bridge – Take a stroll across the bridge for breathtaking views of the Hudson and lower Manhattan skyline. The bridge is an attraction in itself as well.

Wall Street – Wall Street is the world’s financial capital, and during the week is bustling with business professionals. As one of the most famous streets in the world this is one stroll you won’t want to miss. Be sure to stop by the Bull and at the end you can see the historical Trinity Church.

Central Park – While there is much to see in the massive Central Park, we recommendthis route: starting at the West side, walk east through the park along 79th Street Transverse to Belvedere Castle then south through the trails to the Strawberry Fields. Then head over by the Bethesda Terrace to the East and head south along The Mall. From there you can head in West to Columbus Circle or swing to the East to visit the Zoo.

Canal Street – Running through the neighborhood of Chinatown and forming the borders of SoHo, Little Italy and Tribeca, Canal Street provides the perfect walk for variety. Taking you right through the middle of Chinatown you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to another country with all of the authentic foods and markets.

Fifth Avenue – Start your walk down Fifth Avenue from the Upper East Side’s Museum Mile. You’ll walk by some of the Nation’s most renowned museums. You’ll also pass through one of the cities most prestigious neighborhoods and many high-end retail establishments. This walk can bring you right past the iconic flagship Tiffany’s jewelry store and other city landmarks such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Undoubtedly you’ll be hard pressed to find a neighborhood or area you don’t want to explore on foot. It really is the best way to see the city and immerse yourself with locals. Also remember the easiest way to navigate is to remember that the Avenues run North/South and the Streets run East/West. The Avenues are also numbered in ascending order going from East to West as are the Streets from South to North.

Lastly, don’t forget a good pair of shoes; your feet will thank you!