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Dec 19th 2013

It’s the biggest New Years Party in the world! World-wide superstar concerts, a ton of confetti, one million people celebrating in the streets, and the famous ball drop make Times Square the place to be on New Year’s. Last year’s performers included Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Neon Trees, and PSY to name a few and this year’s are sure to be even bigger!

With an estimated 1 billion plus viewers around the world, it’s on many people’s bucket lists and why shouldn’t it be? Its an experience shared with over a million people unlike any other and is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable New Year’s celebrations of your life!

Here are some the tips and tricks to ensure your New Years celebration is one for the books!

Arrive EARLY or get a pass! Barricades are set up all over, and police will close them off as they fill up. To get a good spot you generally need to arrive before 3pm.

Dress appropriately. If you plan on being outside for the ball drop, then chances are you’re going to be standing in the cold for numerous hours so be prepared, that means comfortable footwear. It all depends on the year, sometimes it’s snowing or freezing cold while other years it’s mild and clear so check the weather before you leave.

Leave your bag at home. The area is heavily policed and you will not be able to bring a bag past the barricades. You’ll also be thankful you don’t have to carry it all night long.

Take public transit. Cabs are moving about as fast as you can walk on New Year’s Eve with all of the road closures. Just picture the million people trying to make their way to the square and the other millions of people going to parties and such. Chaos doesn’t even begin to describe the traffic.

Fill up. Have a big meal right before you go into the barricades because you won’t be able to eat after you enter. There are no food vendors or restaurants inside of the barricades. Bringing a power bar or a small snack and water might be a good idea.

Go to the Restroom Beforehand!! There are no public washrooms inside of the barricades, so you might want to think twice about drinking that extra large coffee!

For many people this a once in a lifetime opportunity so make sure you do it right!