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NYC Thanksgiving Weekend Guide

Nov 07th 2013

This American holiday weekend is not only one of the most beloved times of year in New York but it’s also one of the busiest. With the Macy’s Day Parade, Black Friday shopping deals and the official launch of the holiday season, the city is full of things to do. We’ve put together a quick guide of the best Thanksgiving weekend things New York has to offer.

Thanksgiving Treats

Of course it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the food. While visiting you can forget about having to prepare the feast and instead take advantage of all the holiday treats and eats the city is cooking up.

Turkey Time

With delicious food including turkey, yams, cranberries and stuffing, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a celebratory feast. Here are some of our favorite restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner this year.

What To Do and See

Thanksgiving weekend is a wonderful time to explore the city and experience the holiday cheer. These are some classic New York Thanksgiving experiences you won’t want to miss.


Thanksgiving Day is a Federal Holiday, which means banks and post offices will be closed, as well as many restaurants, stores and attractions..

Attractions that will remain open include:

There’s absolutely no shortage of things to do in the city over one of the year’s busiest and most popular weekends. So get ready to shop, eat and experience Thanksgiving in the holiday’s favorite city!