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New York’s Ultimate Toy Store: FAO Schwarz

Oct 15th 2013

If Santa had a toy store in Manhattan it would be called FAO Schwarz!

America’s oldest toy store, FAO Schwarz first opened its doors in 1862 in Baltimore and by 1870 it had expanded to the Big Apple. New York City is now home to the flagship store, which is currently the only store location.  

This toy store doesn’t only sell the toys; it’s practically a toy itself, with features including a giant floor piano. Situated in front of a large window, kids and adults alike can walk a tune for an audience of people passing by.

It’s also known and recognized around the world, as a result of its many cameos in Hollywood blockbusters such as the Smurfs and Big. Who could forget the scene in Big where Tom Hanks’ character dances across the piano playing Heart and Soul?

Offering unprecedented toy service, the store includes a concierge and personal shoppers. Often throughout the store you will see employees demonstrating toys and interacting with shoppers. When visiting one of the greatest toy stores in the world, real-life Toy Soldiers will greet you at the door ensuring your experience is unlike any other before you even enter. It’s the perfect photo opp! Or you can even have a private tour followed by breakfast with a Toy Soldier at the floor Piano.

Once inside the store you can find just about every toy imaginable. There are even life-size Lego statues of famous characters such as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and a model of the Statue of Liberty.

Besides toys, FAO Schwartz is also a ‘Schweetz’ shop featuring just about every classic American candy you can think of. And of course, just to be a bit different, many of the candies are giant size. Picture a cereal size box of Nerds or a pack of Sweet Tarts that could be used as a sword. No sweet tooth can resist this classic New York attraction!

Whether you are travelling with children or on your own, this is one toy store that the young at heart will love just as much! For more information, visit