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New York, We Love You

Mar 07th 2014

As one of the biggest and most diverse cities in the world, New York is home to many exciting and unique experiences.

Within the city, there are approximately 800 languages spoken in the streets, some of the tallest buildings in the world reside here, and a population of over 8 million people move through around the city at lightening speed. New Yorkers are fiercely loyal to their beloved city and aren’t shy when it comes to boasting, which is exactly what we are about to do here. New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania is proud to call New York home and be able to invite visitors to experience the wonders of what we like to think of as the greatest city in the world!

There are countless reasons why New York is the best and most of them are things you have to experience to understand, as they are truly unique to the City.

Here are some of the most fascinating things you’ll only see when while visiting the Big Apple:

  • New York is home to the tallest building in the Western hemisphere; One World Trade Center and the smallest piece of property. The smallest piece of property located in Greenwich Village is a small triangle shaped piece of land that measures 500 square inches. The private piece of property surrounded by city owned sidewalks stands out amongst the rest of the concrete with a sign stating "property of the Hess Estate which has never been deducted for public purposes.”
  • There isn’t any other place in the world that sets the stage for musical theater like New York’s famous Broadway district. The city and its residents love the arts, and support the industry unlike any other city. In fact, New York does have the highest concentration of theater venues in the world.
  • New York is the birthplace of hip-hop, and to this day many people will argue that the city still produces the best hip-hop in the world.
  • The City’s largest store is Macy’s Herald Square, which is home to over 2 million square feet and located just around the corner from New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania.
  • The Nation’s first ever pizzeria, Lombardi’s, (which was founded in 1905) is still open for business in the neighborhood of Nolita.
  • Manhattan’s Chinatown is the largest Chinese enclave in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Celebrities don’t hide in big gated communities like Hollywood, here it’s common to see them blending into the crowd in the subways and on the streets.
  • New York’s subway musicians go through a vigorous selection process. Many of the musicians you walk by in the subway have performed in famous venues.
  • The World’s Most Expensive Dessert, “Frrrozen Haute Chocolate”, can be found at Serendipity 3. The dish, which blends 28 different cocoas and is topped with gold and truffle shavings will set you back $25,000. The dessert also comes with a diamond bracelet that you get to take home with you!
  • The largest mass transit system in the world is in New York. There are 468 subway stops across the City’s five boroughs and it runs 24/7 unlike other metro systems. After all, New York is known as the city that never sleeps!
  • The city’s oldest cobblestone street was paved in 1658 and is aptly named Stone Street. Located in the Financial District of Manhattan it is home to several dining establishments where you can dine on the street.
  • And lastly New York may be the biggest city in the North America, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its charms. You won’t find a Walmart here, even though the chain is one of the world’s largest corporations, there aren’t any outlets within the 5 boroughs of the City.

The list of things that make New York such an incredible place to visit is endless, but the best part about the city is just that; its diversity means the choice is yours!