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New York On The Big Screen

Feb 06th 2014

In honor of the upcoming 86th Academy Awards, New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania is celebrating cinema in the city by taking a look at the most iconic New York movie moments. While visiting the city, why not try to relive your favorite films or snap a pick of yourself re-enacting a famous scene.

Iconic New York movies and movie moments:

  • Winning 10 Oscars in 1962, West Side Story put a modern day spin on the tale of Romeo and Juliet through song, adapting the popular Broadway production.
  • Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic scene in which the subway vent blows up her dress from The Seven-Year Itch was filmed at 52nd and Lexington Avenue.
  • Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s captures the timeless class and elegance of New York. Arguably one of the most famous films to feature New York, this film has inspired millions of women to visit the flagship Tiffany’s store on 5th Avenue.
  • The Godfather won an Oscar for Best Picture and the star of the film, Marlon Brando, won Best Actor in 1973. Set in the city that never sleeps (or in this case should be afraid to sleep), The Godfather became one of the most beloved gangster/mob films of all time and set the standard for all future mafia films.
  • When Harry Met Sally may not have won an Oscar, but the nominated film won the hearts of viewers everywhere and helped paint New York as the ultimate place to fall in love. If you feel like stepping into the shoes of Harry and Sally, head over to Katz’s Deli, you can even request the same table they ate at.
  • Best Picture winner Annie Hall delighted audiences and critics everywhere in the telling of a New York love story. The film was almost as much about Woody Allen’s love for New York as it was about the couple.
  • Miracle on 34th Street is the 1948 Oscar-winning holiday classic that continues to bring joy to households during the holiday season year after year. The film highlights the Macy’s day parade, one of the city’s most famous events taking place every Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Winning 3 Oscars, Enchanted is a partially-animated film that brought fairytales and New York together in 2008.
  • The Oscar winning Citizen Kane shed light on the New York media industry.
  • Of course, we would be remiss to not mention the films, which have been inspired by one of the world’s most famous streets and home of the New York Stock Exchange. Films such as Wall Street and this year’s Oscar contender, The Wolf On Wall Street have offered a glimpse into the lucrative and ruthless world of the stock market. Visitors can grab a bite at Rao’s Restaurant or Shalimar Diner where diner scenes were filmed in the later and don’t forget, no first time visit to New York would be complete without seeing Wall Street.

While staying at New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania you can have your own little slice of movie magic in the City by visiting the places your favorite scenes were filmed or catching the latest release at the theater! In fact, there are still several theaters around the city that bring classics back to the big screen on a regular basis! Cinema is a huge part of New York and vice versa, so don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate cinema in the city that has inspired some of the greatest films of all time!