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New York Landmarks: The Wall Street Bull

Jul 04th 2013

Residing just north of Bowling Green Park, a golden sculpture of a charging bull attracts hundreds of people each day. The sculpture, known as the Wall Street Bull, can be seen in movies such as Hitch, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Inside Man, is a big tourist draw.

The charging bull seemed to materialize overnight, when local New York artist Arturo Di Modica installed it without authorization from city officials, outside the New York Stock Exchange. The Bull made its debut on December 15, 1989 after the market crash of 1987. It was removed the following day, only to be relocated to its current residence.

The Bull represents a ‘bull market’ in reference to the stock market and is a symbol of “strength and power of the American people”. Bull is a term used to describe a market in which share prices are rising and expected to rise, encouraging people to buy. Today the Bull is thought to bring good luck as people line up daily to touch it and take photos with it.

Before heading over to give the Bull a rub for good luck be sure to check him out on Twitter. You can follow the often-hilarious Wall Street Bull @TheWallStBull.