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New York Landmark: Grand Central Terminal

Mar 04th 2014

All aboard at one of the most famous train stations in the world!

Situated in midtown Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal is an attraction not to be missed! The station, which was constructed between 1903 and 1913 is as magnificent in real life as it appears in the movies, and while the hundred years-plus building that stands at 42nd Street today isn’t the first facility that served as a train station, it is one of the most iconic buildings in the country today.

The main purpose of the station is for transportation but it’s also a popular destination in itself welcoming over 20 million visitors annually. In fact, it has been dubbed one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions in recent years. Serving as a prime meeting place for locals and tourists alike it is also often featured as a backdrop for television shows and blockbuster films, making it recognizable around the world.

It may be one of the most popular train stations in the world, but there are still many ‘secrets’ surrounding the iconic structure!

The Secrets of Grand Central Terminal:

  • Under the terminal there is a sub-basement, which is not open to the public, but it has appeared in specials on the History Channel and National Geographic.
  • There is a ‘hidden bar’ called the Campbell Apartment, which once served as a private saloon. Today the bar offers patrons a glimpse of the grandeur and prominence of New York in the 1920s.
  • There is a private track still used for clandestine transportation called Track 61. It’s believed that former President Roosevelt used it to hide the fact that he was in a wheelchair, and today it is maintained for when current Presidents visit the city.
  • The basement of the station is the largest basement in New York spanning 49 acres between 42nd Street and 97th Street.
  • There is an indoor tennis court accessible to the public, where tennis greats McEnroe and the Williams sisters have played.
  • One brick on the cathedral ceiling was left unrestored to serve as a reminder of what cigarette and cigar smoke did to the ceiling.

The grandeur of the iconic station is an experience you will remember for years to come, so don’t miss out, and remember to look up while on the main concourse. The cathedral ceilings are truly remarkable.

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