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Glide Through NYC: Fun On The Water

Jul 11th 2013

Surrounded by water, there are boatloads of fun in The Big Apple to be had and umpteen ways to keep cool this summer. Often forgotten as a coastal city, New York is very rich in water and is made up of over 500 miles of shoreline, so we’ve put together a list of ways to beat the heat in the city. Check out some of the top ways to have fun on the water while taking in the sights.

Take part in the action:

  • Jet around the harbor like Will Smith in the movie Hitch. Jet Skis are much faster than any other kind of transportation in the city, and they are one of the best ways to see NYC’s attractions. Jet Skiing tours and rentals are available through various companies including Jetty Jumpers and Rockaway Jet Ski.
  • Carve up the surf at Rockaway Beach. Surprisingly there is a gnarly surf scene in New York at Rockaway beach located in Queens.
  • Sport Fishing isn’t just an activity for the Caribbean; there are several chartered group tours available that can offer a truly unique fishing experience.
  • Scuba Diving, there is an area just south of Long Island known as Wreck Valley that is the resting place for approximately 1,000 shipwrecks.
  • Looking for something peaceful to do in amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, take a stroll over to the Central Park Lake and take out a rowboat.
  • Try Paddle Boarding, the biggest water sport craze right now, down at Pier 66 Boathouse on the Hudson.

Sit back and relax:

  • The Zephyr is a luxury yacht that has been transformed into a tour boat. Sight seekers can board the boat for a 60-minute cruise of the harbor, taking customers past legendary landmarks such as the Statue of liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Circle Line Cruises offers several different cruise tour options to see the city. From full island tours to themed party cruises and even kid’s cruises, circle line provides numerous cruises to choose from.
  • The Staten Island Ferry is another great way to see the city from the water for free. The ferry runs regularly between Manhattan and Staten Island 7 days a week.
  • Head over to Brooklyn and catch some rays, or go cool off in the waves at Brighton Beach.

And lastly don’t forget to check out City of Water Day at Governors Island on July 20th. The festival will celebrate NYC’s waterfront with free entertainment and education. Don’t miss out on the great family fun to be had free of cost!