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Down by the Piers

Aug 13th 2013

Somehow it’s easy to forget that Manhattan is an island  - there’s so much going on! Dotting the shorelines of the city, there are numerous piers, each exhibiting their own unique attractions. While certain piers are used for shipping there are several that are designed to be recreationally friendly.

The Chelsea Piers were historically used by the famous ship the RMS Lusitania and was the intended destination for the RMS Titanic in the 1900’s. However, after major renovations and development they now serve as one of the city’s liveliest entertainment complexes.

The Chelsea Piers are a group of four historic wharfs that have been transformed into a 28-acre waterfront sports village. Today it’s one of the most famous sports complexes open to the public in the country. It’s even been featured in the movie The Other Guys and was the location for the season 3 finale of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

Visitors can spend hours working up a sweat at the famed sports facilities and then head over to the Chelsea Brewing Company, Manhattan’s largest microbrewery, for a refreshing pint to round out the day. Or if you prefer, you can head out on a dinner cruise on the Hudson.

Whether you are looking to work on your golf swing, lace up a pair of ice skates in the middle of a heat wave, or sail the Hudson, the Chelsea Piers offer activities for everyone. Located on the west end of the island, and a short jaunt from the hotel, this sports and entertainment complex is sure to provide hours of fun! For more information, visit