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Cheap Eats in the City

Apr 17th 2014

New York may have a bit of a reputation for being pricey but it also has some of the best deals around. When it comes to dining New York gives you every conceivable option. Whether you are looking for a 5-star Michelin restaurant, a quick bite or exotic foods from around the world, you won’t have a hard time finding a place.

That also means that when you are dining on a budget you aren’t going to be relegated to the closest fast food chain; you still have tons of options.

The obvious go-to when you are on a budget in New York is street meat (hot dogs) or pizza. There is an abundance of both in the city and you can curb your hunger for under $5. Chinatown is also known for it’s cheap eats of dumplings and noodles that are sure to fill you up!

Great eats for under $5 in Manhattan:

Additionally there are tons of other great places where you might have to spend a little more than $5 but your bill will still ring in on the cheap side! Here are some more of the best places to grab a bite when you are trying to save a buck:

Finally food trucks are another great option for wallet friendly dining. One of our favorites is Wafels & Dinges, which attracts locals and tourists alike. To find its location, visit their website at or their twitter handle @waffletruck.

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