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Budget Friendly Tips

Mar 25th 2014

Certain areas of New York may have a bit of a reputation for being pricey, but New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania understands the importance of affordable travel. Visiting New York doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

A city the size of New York means options, and lots of them. There are countless tips and tricks to stretching your hard earned dollars a little further and we’re sharing some of the best ones to help make your visit even better!

  • Look for reduced admission at popular attractions. Some attractions offer discounted rates either through their websites or for certain days and times. A little research can help you save a lot!
  • Clip coupons! You might think clipping coupons is something that your mother did but there are lots of sources for great deals. Groupon offers coupons for attractions, dining and shopping that can help you save big.
  • Instead of taking a harbor cruise, take the ferry; it’s free! You might not have a tour guide announcing attractions, but you will still get spectacular views of the harbor and lower Manhattan skyline.
  • If you are looking to save on Broadway tickets, try going to the source. The theaters themselves often sell discounted (or rush) tickets a couple of hours before the shows.
  • Use your student card, senior card  and other association cards for added savings. Many attractions throughout the city offer select card discounts.
  • Look for freebies; there are lots of attractions in the city that won’t cost you a cent. In fact some of the most famous ones are free, such as Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Governor’s Island, High Line, New York Public Library, Green-Wood Cemetery and more.
  • Shop at local flea markets for one of kind souvenirs, rather than more expensive boutique shops.
  • Walk or bike instead of taking cabs or driving! The city is very walkable and for further destinations it doesn’t get any faster or more convenient than the subway. If you do plan on using public transit a lot during your visit, buy a weekend or weeklong pass.

The best way to save money while visiting New York is to plan ahead. Knowing where you want to go and what you want to do before you do it, will give you the opportunity to look for discounts. Your trip doesn’t have to break the bank, be sure to  visit our special offers page to save more!