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Best Scenic Shots in New York

Jun 21st 2013

If variety is the spice of life then New York is the matrix of photo ops. From skyscrapers and flashing lights to secret gardens and park benches, the city is a photographers dream. The colors, textures, architecture and street life, make for a ‘can’t miss’ shot everywhere you go, but we’ve highlighted some of the best places for skyline and scenic photos to capture the ultimate New York shot.

  • The Empire State Building. Arguably one of the most famous buildings in the World, the Empire State Building towers above the city that never sleeps offering an incredible view of the skyline from two observatories. This New York City landmark and international icon, which has been featured in over 250 films, is just around the corner from Hotel Pennsylvania and is a sight to see. Be sure to check out our special Empire State Package when booking!
  • The Metropolitan Museum’s rooftop bar provides a view of the skyline and central park. Atop the popular museum, you can sit back a have a drink while peeking down at the city below and also enjoy the unique sculpture garden and incredible art. It’s truly a one of kind experience offering countless photo opportunities.
  • The New Jersey shoreline, just across the Hudson, offers incredible views of the Manhattan skyline. For a great panoramic shot of the city at night, this is the place to be.
  • Water Taxi or Zephyr boat tour. See New York from the water when you are removed from the hustle and bustle on a water taxi or the Zephyr. While the Zephyr will take you on a guided tour of the harbor and around the Statue of Liberty, you can also get a great view of the lower Manhattan for free, by taking The Staten Island Ferry.

Don’t forget take in the sites from your very own hotel. Located in midtown Manhattan, our PennTop Ballrooms offer breathtaking views of the city below!